ShopRite Can Can – Yearly Pantry Stockup

Earlier this week, I said I would explain how I have a seemingly unending pantry of vegetables. The secret is now revealed.

I went shopping in January. In four different trips to the store, I not only saved a ridiculous amount of money, but I also have enough canned vegetables, canned beans, canned tomatoes, coffee and olive oil to last the rest of 2015…yes. The rest of 2015. Beyond actually.

The Source Of My Power
The Source Of My Power! That’s supposed to be the Chrysler Building by the way.

Every January, ShopRite does it’s annual “can-can sale.” The focus on the sale is its canned vegetables; however, they also have plenty of other great deals as well. Now that the year is half over (how is that even possible), I’m going to share the amount I saved, how much I got, and how I’m doing halfway through the year.

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Two Week Menu Challenge

June time is big bills time for our household. We were hit with both quarterly property taxes and renewal for our auto insurance. Because I don’t like paying things like fees and interest, and I like saving hundreds of dollars, I like to pay bills like these in lump sums (those “convenience charges” add up). The only draw back is that it makes things a bit tight for this month…so here’s a challenge that we came up with.

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PLAY WITH GARBAGE (PART TWO), or, finding $150 on the curb


…have you ever noticed that people throw away the darndest things for little to no reason? I’m not talking about ratted out junk, but things that need just a little work. Sometimes there’s a minor flaw or scratch, or the owner has upgraded to a new model. Instead of listing selling it or giving it away to someone, they curb it, dooming it to existence in a landfill forever.

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This is the story of how we found $150 worth of garbage on the curb that I let my daughter play with.

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Save 26 Dollars Buying Cereal In Bulk

Dry cereal is one of the staples of the American home. Whether as part of a complete breakfast or served dry as an afternoon snack, it’s a great quick go-to food on certain days. One of the problems though is that this breakfast staple doesn’t exactly come at a staple price.

People buy certain foods out of necessity. “Oh, I need cereal,” you may say, so you will put it on your list, walk past the cereal aisle in the store and toss the box in your basket without giving a thought about the price. After all, you buy cereal all the time.  But cereal is EXPENSIVE! A box of cereal can cost over 5 dollars when not on sale.

I’m going to show you how I saved $26 bucks buying Alpha-Bits cereal (my daughters favorite) by shopping in bulk during a great sale compared to its normal everyday price.

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