Power Drill As A Kitchen Tool

While cleaning the basement, I came upon an old hand mixer that was left by the previous owner. Even though I have a totally kick butt Kitchen-Aid stand mixer, I’ve recently thought that a little hand model would be nice for small jobs.

I opened the box, and boom, it’s completely rusted. I don’t even want to attempt to turn it on, because that might be a fire hazard. I’ll see if its collectable to try and sell (yes, people buy broken things), but first, I thought that I could use the unscathed whisk attachments.

After all, I have another hand held motor…


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Easy Clean Your Stove Top: FAST & FUME FREE!

Although I love to cook for my family, I cannot stand cleaning my caked on stove top. Luckily, through a bit of trial and error, I have devised a way to clean my stove top extremely easily and in under 25 minutes.


When cleaning up messes at home became a full time job requirement, I did not know how to handle this caked on stove. Because I didn’t know any better, my technique involved dousing the hard black, impenetrable mess with a blue non-stick safe sponge and massive amounts of all-purpose cleaner. I spent lots of time spreading this stench around my house. It didn’t make a dent in the mess, and that toxic smell is not something that I want lingering about with my daughter around. I wasted further time with having to place a fan near the window to blow that cloud of chemicals away.

There had to be a better solution.

Now I give my stove top a one-two punch that cleans it in a fraction of the time.

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