Blueberry Banana Oat Tofu Smoothie!? (plus easy frozen blueberries)

Something happened at the grocery store last week. It was so strange, so unusual, that it must have been some sort of horrible mistake.

Blueberries were available in early Spring, and their prices were reasonable! I’m talking about peak summer sale prices. 99ยข a pint! From the USA no less! And on top of that, they tasted good!

Before anyone else noticed this strange anomaly of pricing, I scooped up as many as I could hold and checked out. And as quickly as I arrived, I was gone.

So…now what? Blueberries don’t exactly hold up for that long, and the sheer number of delicious blueberries was too much for us to eat all at once. I could have eaten them for every meal for a few days, but my daughter would have been on my case for not having variety (thanks Super Why). So, into the freezer they would go. Plus frozen blueberries are great for making breakfast smoothies.

Yummy breakfast.
Yummy breakfast.

Have you ever frozen blueberries? I’m sure you’re tempted to just toss them into a freezer bag and forget about them. However, if you do that right after washing, they will freeze together in a giant impenetrable blue block of ice. I mean, you could take out your frustrations with an ice pick, but this is easier and better for ready use.

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