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As I’ve mentioned before, we’re giant fans of reading over here, and we think that having children read at a young age is very important. I threw out a challenge to take your kid to the library about once a week to get a revolving amount of books flying in and out of your home. However, if you’re like us, we like to have several books as well.  But you know what, books, even children’s books, can be expensive. However, there are ways to acquire books on the cheap, and one of my favorites is utilizing the thrift store.

One of our favorite thrift stores is called Savers. Their book prices are very reasonable, especially when it comes to children’s books.

20150907_122030Children’s picture books are .99, and if you buy four you get one free! That’s less than eighty cents a book! For older children, chapter books are only $1.49.  Most of these books are in incredibly good condition, and from time to time, you find books that you can tell were never opened by a consumer. You can save a book, plus add it to your collection.



Here’s a couple examples of hardcover books that we’ve gotten.

OLIVIA: My daughter has been on a big Olivia kick lately (you know, the super imaginative pig in stripey pajamas).

New on Amazon: $10.74.
Used at Savers:  99 cents!

ELOISE: A super imaginative girl who lives in a hotel.

New on Amazon: $11.86
Used at Savers:  99 cents!

You get the picture. If you get hardcover picture books for the average price of the two examples above, that would be $11.30 per book.

If you buy 5 new books, you have spent $56.50.

If you find them used at Savers, you have spent $3.96 (remember…one is free!)

I just saved $52.54

So go to your nearby thrift store, see what their prices are, check out Savers to see if there’s a store near you (no, I’m not endorsed by them…not that I’d complain). Expand your library heroes, at a fraction of the cost.

Plus shopping at thrift stores is a great way to flip items and make money…but that’s another article.

So many books...
So many books…


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