Technical Difficulties

So it appears that there are some technical difficulties going on with Stay-At-Home Hero. Now, I’m going to try and fix this for posterity’s sake, even though I haven’t updated this website with any posts for almost two years now. I was hoping for at least one last post with updates as to why I’ve been too busy to post (including my adventures since leaving stay-at-home parenting and joining the ranks of the working once again).

I have a few decisions to make now whether I am going to continue or not, so I’ll keep you posted after this mistake is fixed.



Black Eyed Peas – “Hoppin’ Johns” recipe

A traditional southern New Year’s staple: they say if you eat a bowl of this you will have great bounties in the upcoming year. Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know that black eyed peas are delicious and ultra easy to make.

Printed recipe below:

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Small Garden Wrap-Up

We live in an outer borough of New York, so our backyard is small. So, in the small section of our yard, we took it upon ourselves to create a small vegetable garden back on Mother’s Day Weekend. We’ve tried to do this before, but the throw seeds in dirt and hope for the best approach didn’t work, so we actually looked into what to do this time.

Over the next several months, we tended to the garden, by weeding, watering and tying up plants to the support poles or cages. My daughter was very helpful, finding it incredibly fun to weed and water. It created a great sense of pride in being a part of growing the vegetables. Plus it was a great introduction to the life cycle of plants from seed, to plant, to fruit, to seed again.

Giant Tomato Plant, plus eggplant and cajun belle.

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Cheap Books at Thrift Stores

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re giant fans of reading over here, and we think that having children read at a young age is very important. I threw out a challenge to take your kid to the library about once a week to get a revolving amount of books flying in and out of your home. However, if you’re like us, we like to have several books as well.  But you know what, books, even children’s books, can be expensive. However, there are ways to acquire books on the cheap, and one of my favorites is utilizing the thrift store.

One of our favorite thrift stores is called Savers. Their book prices are very reasonable, especially when it comes to children’s books.

20150907_122030Children’s picture books are .99, and if you buy four you get one free! That’s less than eighty cents a book! For older children, chapter books are only $1.49.  Most of these books are in incredibly good condition, and from time to time, you find books that you can tell were never opened by a consumer. You can save a book, plus add it to your collection.



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My Power Breakfast

The other morning, I winged a new breakfast item for myself. Not only was it delicious, but it filled me up to the point where I felt absolutely no hunger for hours and hours.

One of the problems that I have is that I feel compelled to snack more than I should. Even though I eat breakfast regularly, I still either want to snack before lunch or feel famished by lunch time. Over the two days that I ate the following, I was satisfied until lunch, and even then I had a very light lunch. So without further ado:

Sautéed zucchini & potatoes, with fried egg.

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95 Year Old Pipe – DIY PLUMBING

Remember that time that I spent several days, flushing chemicals and buying useless tools until I broke down and used a plumber? This is NOT going to be like that. This is how I tackled the biggest home repair project of my life, and it only took a day!


My family and I had gone out of town for a few days. Upon our return, we were faced with an awful smell. My first instinct was that it was a natural gas leak, even though it didn’t quite smell like it…I called 9-1-1 and they sent the fire department. The fire department entered, said they smelled gas and shut off our stove. They then proceeded to say that our stove was broken and to get a new one.

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To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Ant-Man ants have invaded houses all across the country. I’ve had an ant problem lingering on and off for the past year. I’ve used as many old wives tales as there are in the handbook that they give you when you become a Stay-At-Home Hero (written by Calvin’s dad of course). None of them have worked, although I was pretty sure that a mix of borax and sugar water would do the trick…of course it’s been a long time since I got my A in high school chemistry, so I just couldn’t get the proportions right.

Well, thanks to another blog that I read, I purchased a product and it worked! They’re gone!!

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Unnecessary Baby Products

The other day, our family ended up at Buy Buy Baby, a children products store owned by Bed, Bath & Beyond. I hadn’t been in there for a while, but we used to spend a lot of time in that place leading up to my daughter’s birth and the first year or so afterward.

Anyway, I was strolling through the aisles, and something totally unnecessary caught my eye. Surely, a totally unnecessary baby product must be at a low low price. I scanned the packaging and low and behold…sticker shock set in.

I took pictures of this, along with two other products that I found completely unnecessary and utterly expensive, that I just had to share with you.

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